Bio Degradable

Bio Degradable

By combining sustainable feedstocks such as wood or starch with reclaimed, recycled, or biodegradable polymers, Greendot Biopak may start our resin's life with a substantially lower carbon footprint than traditional plastics.



Our bioplastic resins, derived from natural resources, provide high-quality, environmentally responsible products. They are strong, durable, and engineered to eliminate waste, meeting consumer demands for sustainable materials.



GreenDot creates sustainable products made from plant-based materials, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Greendot is dedicated to promoting eco-friendly alternatives to traditional products

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Manufacturer and Exporter of
Compostable Biodegradable Products

We are Greendot Biopak, a manufacturer of biobased packaging which was established in 2019. Our parent company Raj Dhanvantry Pharmacy was established in 1925 at Jamnagar, Gujarat. With a rich legacy of nearly 100 years, our global footprints span across India and Africa, which include a group of companies engaged in pharma, cosmetics, and food additives.

  • Innovation led company with a focus on current and future technologies.
  • Indigenous “Innovative" technology for Compostable Biopolymer Compound Resins.
  • Leading manufacturers of Biodegradable & Compostable products globally with the largest & most versatile production facility in India.
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Why BioPlastics ?

Be the change without changing a thing. Ok, maybe just one thing. Bioplastics. It’s no rocket science that global warming is happening at this very moment. Sustainability and social responsibility are a given for any business today. Join the movement and do your bit for planet earth and your business ecosystem as well. Here are 4 reasons why bioplastics are good news for manufacturers.

Traditional plastics contain toxic phthalates, which are bad news for your health and the environment, due to their leaching effect as they age. New-age bio-based plasticizers with organic raw materials, biodegradability, and compostability can solve not only this problem but also improve packaging and functionality, particularly for food packaging manufacturers.

Now here’s something for you to ponder about: If we reduce the production of petroleum-based plastics by even 10 percent, we’ll end up saving 280 million barrels of oil every year, which in turn will reduce carbon emissions equivalent to preserving 250 million acres of forest. Do you still need a reason to switch to bioplastics?

We’ll let the numbers do the talking. Do you know 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped in our oceans every day? 79% of plastic is accumulating in landfills as litter. The bottom line – There’s an overload of plastic on planet earth. Bioplastic is 100% biodegradable and compostable, which means less load on our environment and ecosystem. We think about the end of lifecycle, right from the start. We take great pride in being an eco-conscious modern manufacturer and thinking about the end of the lifecycle of each of our products, be it recycling or composting them.

Go Green

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Businesses that are striving to go green and fulfill their sustainability and corporate responsibility goals. We offer consultations and solutions to turn green as a brand and philosophy.



We add value to many bioplastic distributors by offering them national as well as global collaborations and partnerships to grow and expand their product lines.

Plastic manufacturers

Plastic manufacturers

Our bio pellets come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Just plug and play the granules into any manufacturing plant or process. This means no overheads, no capital, or no extra machines.

Consultants & Traders

Consultants & Traders

Whether you are an advertiser, working as a trader or a product design consultant, you can promote our wide suite of products and solutions along with your services.

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