Ovenable Packing Films

Ovenable films are growing in popularity but not all packaging buyers are aware of the complex chemical and molecular behaviours of this type of printed ovenable film under extremely high temperatures.

Printed in high-definition,suitable for ultra-high cooking temperatures for all food types cooked in either conventional or microwave ovens. Innovative new inks and print techniques have been used to achieve high-density, maintains stability and full integrity at high temperatures.

Ovenable Packing Film

Printed greendotovenable films are available in reel form or pouches. They can be used for the safe highertemperature cooking of most food types including roast vegetables, fish and meats. For laminatestructures and lidding films, the adhesive is also an important part of the specification process.

  • Ultra convenient cooking from frozen, chilled or ambient to oven.
  • Available across all lidding and form, fill and seal and pre-made pouch applications.
  • Enhanced food safety and hygiene – raw proteins can be cooked in the oven without direct handling until they are cooked and ready to be served.
  • Prevents cross-contamination and no-mess cooking reduces time-consuming oven cleaning.
  • Cooking results are enhanced through moisture control and the incorporation of tailor-made steam venting solutions.
  • Anti-fog features can be incorporated for improved on-shelf and cooking visibility
  • Compliant and safe to use – is stringently tested.
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Ovenable packaging film, also known as ovenable film or oven-safe film, is a specialized type of packaging material that is designed to withstand high temperatures and be used in oven cooking or reheating. It is used to wrap or cover food items that need to be cooked or heated in an oven while maintaining their integrity and preventing contamination.

Ovenable packaging films are typically made from biodegradable & compostable material that can withstand high temperatures. These films are engineered to have heat stability and provide a barrier to moisture and other contaminants.

Ovenable packaging film works by creating a sealed and controlled environment around the food item, which helps retain moisture, flavors, and heat during the cooking or reheating process. The film's heat resistance allows it to withstand the high temperatures of the oven without melting or releasing harmful substances.

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